Privacy Policy

To create a safe shopping experience for the customers, they are informed about how DePurl AB collects and processes data. Upon approval of DePurl AB’s purchase terms, the clients also accept our cookies and privacy policy.

Personal Information

Personal data refers to the information that can directly or indirectly identify a natural person.

The person responsible for managing all personal information is:

DePurl AB

Org. No: 556845-8847

Jungfruvägen 19 B

SE-791 34  Falun, Dalarna

At DePurl AB we protect the personal data and do not collect more personal information than necessary. We handle all personal information in the best possible way and comply with the GDPR for data protection, where the rules for handling personal data are regulated. The policy helps customers understand what personal data we collect and how we treat them. For questions about our personal information, please contact

What personal data do we save?

When the customers make a purchase, DePurl AB collects these personal information – first and last name, address, e-mail, IP address, telephone number and order history.

In order for us to be able to use all personal information, a consent of the storage is required. Upon registration and / or ordering, the customers guarantee that they have the custodian’s consent to our handling of the personal data. Within the EU, minimum age is regulated for the processing of personal data in each Member State.

** When I click on “Finish purchase” I accept the terms of purchase at DePurl AB. I also guarantee that I have the custodian’s consent to handle personal data, based on applicable legislation. **

For what purpose do we use the personal data?

The personal data DePurl AB collects, stores and processes only the information that is required for us to be able to handle the purchase, for example to deliver the products and receive the payment. The legal basis for our handling of personal data is that we need the information to be able to fulfill a purchase agreement between DePurl AB and the customers.

When the personal information is stored with us, the orders can be handled in a more even way, which improves the customers’ shopping experience. The IP address is saved to counter fraud. We can also inform customers about news and promotions that we think may interest them. This is described in more detail in our purchase conditions under the heading “Newsletter / SMS”.

We can also use the personal data to conduct customer surveys in order to improve the website and the customer’s shopping experience.

We protect all privacy and do not use the customer’s personal information for anything other than the original purpose described in this policy.

How do we handle personal information?

DePurl AB uses encrypted communication via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to ensure that all personal information is protected after purchase. Credit card information is only handled by a financial institution in a secure and encrypted connection. When handling the customer’s personal information, we work with an internal security policy that is designed to ensure that we comply with applicable legal requirements.

The client’s personal data is only handled by DePurl AB and the parties involved in the management of the purchase. No personal information will be shared with unauthorized persons.

When customers have agreed on our terms of sale and our privacy policy, their personal data will be stored for indefinite periods. The clients have the right to contact us to find out which personal information we have saved and we have the opportunity to update or delete them.


DePurl AB uses cookies to give customers the best experience on the website. Personal data is not stored in cookies and cannot be traced to a particular person. Cookies are very small text files that are stored on the hard disk when customers visit websites. The main purposes of using cookies are web functionality, web statistics and marketing. We use first and third party cookies.

Some cookies are directly necessary for website functionality. These keep track of the settings and make the user experience softer, among other things, by recognizing the device and remembering the customer’s settings. In addition, cookies are also used to collect information about the duration of a visit, visited pages, whether a purchase agreement was completed or demographic information such as origin, sex and age. It is made to enable Hatstore Scandinavia AB to analyze the website’s visit and further develop the site’s experience.

Information collected through cookies can be shared with new partners for analytical purposes.

The clients can choose to disable cookies in their browser. These settings affect some functionality of the site, and we ask that customers know that this site may not work properly.

Which cookies do we use?

DePurl Ecommerce

Purpose: Cookies are used to store currency, language and shipping address information. For example, to display products in the right currency and VAT and to save the cart to easily resume the purchase at a later time.

Google Analytics

Purpose: This is used to collect information about how our site is used. For example, which pages are visited, how long a page is visited and the number of purchases. This gives us the opportunity to develop the user experience.

Google Re-Marketing / Doubleclick

Purpose: This is used to display related ads based on which products the visitor showed interest in and measure advertising performance on the Google ad network.


Purpose: This is used to track results from advertising on Facebook and to display related ads based on which products the visitor showed interest in.

Google Optimize

Purpose: This is used to perform various types of testing of the website and thereby increase user friendliness.


Purpose: It is used to analyze the traffic and use of our website to improve the user experience.

Changes to the privacy policy

DePurl AB reserves the right to change the privacy policy at any time required to comply with legal requirements or corrective measures. All changes will be published in this document.